Oslo-London, Pre-Daparture

10 days, 6 flights and 2 cities. I shall record it in words so I will not forget those tiny little experience/thoughts I had from this trip (I hope my memory don't fail me)

Departure Day. 4th April 2013

Our flight was at 2320, basically we still went to work in the morning. I took half day off though, cause there are still some last minute packing (as usual) to do. I'm not sure whether it's the excitement, or the weather is really hot that day, I'm like a sweat bucket even right after shower.   

Parents and sister drop us at KLIA around 8ish and stayed around until about 9ish. I was thinking to myself "Okay, for the first time flying in another airlines other than airasia, and it's a long flight, the plane should be big and the seats should be better." and I was partially correct. The plane is big, but the seats are as cram as air asia T_T

Our seats are right infront of the toilet and I got window seat (nothing to be yay of because it was a night flight and it was dark ALL~~~~ the way to Amsterdam) and sit right next to us at the ailse seat was a mat salleh guy. We were feeling sorry for him because he needs to move every time we need to go to the ladies. 

For the first time, 12 hours seem so long. I keep counting how many more hours until we reach Amsterdam and the answer is devastating. At least at that moment, it was. Imagine after 6 hours, I've had my meal (I dunno what should I call that. Supper?) and woke up from my sleep. Yet, there is another 6 hours to go *cry*

Finally, we've arrived at Schipol Airport around 6am local time. We were about 30 minutes behind schedule and our connecting flight to Oslo is in an hour time. We have to went through custom, scan our hand carry again to get to our next flight AND the airport is so BIG~~~ our boarding gate is almost at the other end of our arrival. We ended up running in the airport at 7am in the morning -_- no joke because our flight is at 0730 and we are still not on the plane by 0725. We heard our names being called over the PA system and saying that they will unload our luggage if we are still not there yet. 

Best part is, we were on the travellator and we miss our boarding gate -_-" so we have to run to the end of the travellator and make a U-turn back to the gate. Thank God the airport crew were helpful. When we reach the boarding gate, he was calling our name again and we were shouting "here! here!" LOL and he went "YOU MADE IT!!" hahah 

What an episode. I was so exhausted and I feel asleep right after I board the plane. After about 2 hours, we finally step foot in Oslo. 

Be Good

July had been a very very busy month for me...as my boss went for a surgery got hospitalised for 3 weeks and I have a colleague who is constantly absent. I am tired both physically and mentally....I kid you not! 

so....August, please be good! 

...blogging mojo was not found...hence it's short and random..

Running Man Daebak!

Running Man is the best way to destress..

If you have not watch it, please watch! I think can be found on pps...seriously..this is the one variety show that you cannot miss! Every episodes is so funny and entertaining...I came home from work each day looking forward to another episode of it..u'll be amazed by the creativity of the games they designed.

MUST WATCH!! I can't describe any further because there are too much to talk about, please watch it and find out yourself. and tell me who is your favourite...Ace is my favourite!

This is at the earlier stage of the show....the photo taking game...and peaceful Gary is the bomb LOL







I have so many of them running in my head...but I have no time or rather no vocabulary to put it in words....

I need some self talking time...

428 总结


历史上无数的革命留下了多少的血泪印记,他们牺牲了多少性命才换来一个以民为本的政府? 而我们并没有要求现任执政党下台, 我们只要一个公平,公开的选举。静坐请愿难道不比领军起义,来得更和平吗? 428 的催泪弹和水炮然人民更加团结,更坚定也唤醒了所有关心与曾经不关心政事的人。


4.28 Now or Never

I'm never a political person. seriously, I don't give a shit because it's a waste of effort...and I never thought it really matter to us....

until recently...I dunno but I think our leaders thought that we are all stupid. They often make a statement that don't even make sense. Malaysia education system is better than British??? really????! less than 1% of the police involve in bribery???are u fcking kidding me? Are they trying to fool us or they'd been fooled by the research?

Change is possible. At least this time around, we see the power of a united nation. It's the sense of belonging that bring us all together. We love our country, our home that's why we want a real change. 4.28, it's now or never.

Be the change you want to see in the world.   - Mohandas K. Gandhi

We don't need to change the world. We only want a fair GE, for people who are capable.

4.28 see you there!

So were they

Remember how people always tell you time flies after you hit 20? I think it’s pretty much true. We complaint that we are old every now and then..just because we can’t run as fast as years before without panting like a dog or because we felt so worn out after staying up just for a night.

Well, everybody gets older each day…so there’s nothing unusual. Meanwhile, when we are so obsessed over us growing older..we might have forgotten that so were our parents. At some point of time, they might not be able to understand the thing that you learnt, might not be able to cook by themselves, clean themselves, do their laundry and etc.

I drafted this few days ago, and today I read a similar story posted on fb, with the title of ‘Freedom can wait, I’m staying put for Dad’. I couldn’t agree more with the writer on the points she elaborated:
·         …this tickets to freedom comes with an attached ‘responsibility’ voucher and I must weight both carefully
·         ..it is now my turn to acknowledge that with freedom comes a duty I owe my old man who gave up his own freedom decades ago to raise three daughters.
·         ..the overseas plans can wait. For now, I will stay. Because even though I have never been a Daddy’s girl, I am my father’s daughter

Our parent will not be there forever, spend your time with them while they can, not when you can. Make time for them. Of all the things in your list, they should be the priority and they deserve to be. Take time to make plans, movie, dinner, or even just spend your time sitting in the living room with them watching tv is good enough.

We are getting old, so were our parents.